• The Coinbase NFT Marketplace is getting ready to rock and roll

  • As the battle for NFT marketplace dominance heats up, crypto heavyweight Coinbase has announced via email to its army of two million waitlist members that “it’s almost here.”

    Coinbase made the bold announcement in the early hours of Monday morning in a memo intended to prepare the NFT world for its arrival. The document contains tantalizing glimpses of the finished product, as well as detailed instructions on how to get up and running, all with the soul intention of getting its members off to a flying start.

    Furthermore, the email contained information about a Mastercard partnership. A lucrative proposition that will allow its users to buy digital assets with a credit card, thereby avoiding a number of crypto-related hurdles when entering the NFT sphere. There was also mention of Twitter’s NFT profile pictures, implying that Coinbase NFT could be the next platform to integrate with Twitter’s NFT technology.

    With Coinbase’s quarterly earnings report scheduled for February 24, the marketplace launch is expected to fit neatly into the build-up, implying that its arrival is very near. In the words of Coinbase, “prepare to create, collect, and connect.”

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