• The Context App, like Instagram, is a visual NFT marketplace

  • Context, a new Web 3.0 app, adds a social dimension to the world of NFTs. The app, which was recently released in beta, allows users to easily keep up with the latest developments in Web3. It functions similarly to Instagram in that you can follow wallets you like and keep track of what everyone is minting, buying, and selling.

    In a blog post, the app states, “Our vision is to create a community-powered contextual layer for Web3.” “Context.app is just the beginning.”

    Explanation of the context app

    Context claims to keep users up to date on what’s going on in the Web3 world. Instead of scrolling through Twitter, Discord, or project websites, the app provides a single location where you can find all the information you need. The Context app aims to answer all of these questions, whether it’s about the latest drops from emerging artists, what everyone in your favorite DAO is collecting, or even what NFTs your friends are purchasing.

    You can also find new NFTs by following the activity feeds of artists, collectors, and DAOs. You can also bid on and buy NFTs from the feed with a single click. You can also create a list of NFTs to share with others.

    The app will also include curated lists of DAOs, artists, and collectors, allowing you to find new accounts to follow. “We’ll be adding new feeds all the time, and this will eventually be a community-led process,” the app says.

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