• The Cool Pets NFT Reveal Has Arrived!

  • Holders are overjoyed!!! The long-awaited rollout has now arrived, with users tending to their Cool Pet in order to develop their new companion through the phases of growth. New gamified feature holders can build their Cool Pets by engaging with them and earning $MILK through numerous pathways, including missions!

    Cool Pets: A Loyal Companion

    The new addition to the Cool Cats ecosystem comes in the shape of 19,999 cool pets, which require holders to interact with their NFT in order to “hatch” them from their eggy container. Giving your cool pet “pet supplies” starts the surprisingly enjoyable experience of obtaining the essential stuff from “chests” and the “marketplace” to determine exactly what will come out of that shell prison.

    Cool Pets have a different layering system, similar to how Cool Cats have various traits that determine their unique appearance. Holders can use $MILK to purchase goods for their Cool Pet in the Cool Shop and marketplace, which will further influence their progress. All of your Cool Pet’s components will be assembled and layered after it has achieved its ultimate shape, bringing your Cool Pet to life.

    ‘Cool’ Pets ‘Cool’ Store

    To obtain a chest, go to the “Cool Shop,” where customers can spend $MILK on a brand new chest. You may be wondering what fortunes lie within this lovely chest. We don’t know, and neither does the buyer until they buy it and look at their inventory. The goods found inside the chest, on the other hand, are critical to the development of your new friend.

    The Retail Industry

    Those looking for a legit $MILK hustle can check out the Coolpets marketplace. Grinders, overachievers, and budding entrepreneurs can sell unused items and earn $MILK to spend elsewhere in the Cool Cats ecosystem. However, a ten percent transaction fee is levied at the end to compensate the system’s gas costs. Those interested in purchasing stuff from the marketplace can simply connect their wallet to the website and search for the items required to level their companion to completion.

    Have you changed your mind about selling? No worries, the CoolCats ecosystem made this process a breeze. Simply go to the site, connect your wallet, and choose the item(s) you want to keep from being sold.

    Elements of Cool Pets

    As you feed your precious hatchling, the objects given to and/or devoured by your cool pet have a variety of underlying properties that influence your pet’s attitude. As a result, the ultimate form of your cool pet may differ from the four elements available at this moment. 

    • Fire
    • Water
    • Grass
    • Air

    These dynamic layering techniques and elemental properties also enable future engagement with the NFT. Furthermore, as time goes on with the Cool pets NFT, future improvements in the gamification sector will make use of the numerous elemental features.

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