• The Crystal Method Is About To Release Their First NFT

  • The Crystal Method, a US-based music act, is about to release its debut NFT in the guise of a music video. It’s the first major label release in this format. It will be the act’s new single titled ‘Watch Me Now,’ which will be auctioned off on MakersPlace.

    The NFT Music Video

    The Crystal Method’s NFT is planned to be released on April 26th at 3.30 PM PT. The auction winner will also receive a limited edition cartoon and an open edition cell from the video.

    The original video for the song Watch Me Now was published last week, on April 15th. It’s a one-of-a-kind timepiece. Furthermore, it combines 2D, 3D, black and white, and colored footage in an animation format to illustrate the song, which was written about the band’s home state of Nevada.

    Scott Kirkland, a member of the act, commented on the project, saying, “My first NFT release is a collaboration with the wonderful animation artist Micah Monkey and will be dropping on April 26th.” Micah has developed an epic and spectacular video accompaniment to my uplifting riff-driven new single, “Watch Me Now,” featuring Koda and VAAAL. ‘This Ain’t No Joke!’ say the lyrics.

    As previously stated, the drop will take place on the MakersPlace platform, and a link to the auction may be found here.

    About the Crystal Method

    The Crystal Method are an electronic music act from Las Vegas. Scott Kirkland and Ken Jordon founded the band in the early 1990s.

    They were the forefathers of the big beat genre. Their music has also been included in a number of TV series, films, video games, and ads.

    Ken Jordon had to quit from music in 2013 owing to health issues. Kirkland, on the other hand, has continued to develop and perform events as a solo project under the moniker The Crystal Method.

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