• The CTRL / ART / D Agency has been established to assist creators in the development of their NFTs

  • CTRL / ART / D is an agency that helps artists navigate the world of NFTs and create NFT content.

    Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have been shaking up the art world, allowing artists to gain new exposure and capital. However, creators may struggle to learn how to use NFTs.

    CTRL / ART / D agency can help artists by guiding them through the NFT world while handling technical aspects and marketing. With CTRL / ART / D, any content creator who creates visual, audio, or physical objects can have their work published and properly monetized on online NFT marketplaces. The agency will help artists integrate into the vast community of crypto enthusiasts, thereby increasing their exposure.

    The following services are provided by CTRL / ART / D:

    • Verification of an NFT content creator as an artist
    • Publication on specific NFT marketplaces Marketing assistance (publication strategy development, press releases, etc.)
    • Collaborations with top NFT artists, as well as auctions

    CTRL / ART / D agency takes an individual approach and develops NFT strategies based on the needs and requirements of each creator.

    The first drop is scheduled for this month.

    The first artist’s debut took place on Monday, 06/09. Valentyne Metyk’s art will be launched as NFTs on Foundation with the help of CTRL / ART / D. On the official CTRL / ART / D website, you can read the artist’s biography as well as the legends of his three most famous works—Business Woman, Evolution, and Waiting.

    Here’s a look inside the artist’s head and the inspiration behind his Energy in Color series:

    What is the difference between spiritual fullness and emptiness? How can we portray them in art? Metyk focuses on the inner energy, which we frequently overlook or even forget. Blue and red are two primary colors that emphasize our internal state of mind: negative emotions (red) and joyful harmony (blue).

    The empty characters in the artist’s paintings frequently have ears and mouths but no eyes. Because an eye represents awareness and spiritual depth, and the “dead race of consumers” lacks one. Metyk’s artistic practice is influenced by his own life experiences. As a result, he transforms internal observations, thin energies, and spiritual upheavals into visual mirrors of our personalities (or, should we say, “souls”?).

    Those with blue energy (those who practice positive thinking and actions) and red energy (those who act destructively) obtain the desired pair of eyes. This, on the other hand, appears to be a completely different symbol. Metyk depicts reality in a variety of ways and descends into the spiritual abyss only to reveal the truth. We now have the opportunity to keep it on a trustless machine.

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