• The Dignity Corp Gold Reserves-Backed Security Token Will Be Listed On The CryptoSX Exchange

  • Dignity Corp, situated in the United States, has announced that its native DIGau coin will be listed on the CryptoSX digital asset exchange on January 11th. By backing its security token with gold reserves, the company is taking a very novel approach.

    Dignity Corp has discovered new ways to push investment into the US precious metals, mining, and minerals sector by relying on a “regulation forward” strategy and the usage of security tokens.

    CryptoSX, a cutting-edge platform for security token offerings (STOs) with fiat/crypto conversion capabilities, is assisting it in this endeavor. The listing, according to Philip Tam, the creator and CEO of CryptoSX:

    “Our objective has always been to reshape the traditional investor paradigm, particularly with regard to security-backed tokenized options. That is precisely why my partners and I founded CryptoSX – to essentially present to the global investor arena a very unsaturated potential waiting to be realized through the STO investment area. Dignity brings a great deal of enthusiasm and determination to do things differently in their own specialty. To me, it is evident that they will continue to achieve greater success, and it is CryptoSX’s pledge to be there for them as an effective platform, and more significantly, a trusted partner, every step of the way that makes this possible.”

    Kent M. Swig, Chairman of Dignity Corp, added:

    “We are thrilled to list the DIGau token on CryptoSX and broaden access to the gold reserves-backed instrument, which currently has a sizable investor base. A critical next stage in our journey is about to begin, with the DIGau token scheduled to be traded by some interested investors in both Europe and Asia. These are exciting and gratifying times, both personally and professionally, to begin demonstrating the benefits of the Dignity business model to the rest of the globe.”

    Investors hoping to capitalize on prospects in the US precious metals and minerals sector will undoubtedly be interested in the new DIGau security token, which combines gold reserves backing, metal mining, and the development of a supplementary investment fund.

    Those who hold the tokens will benefit from the fund’s profits through dividend payments. In the United States, the entire procedure is fully registered and monitored.

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