• The Feels Guy Gets His Own Blockchain Collection of Rare Wojak NFTs

  • Meme Wojak is making a comeback in 2010! This time, it’s in the form of an NFT Collection on the Solana Blockchain. The 4200 Rare Wojak NFTs feature the OG Meme’s signature playfulness, affectionately known as the “Feels Guy.”

    The iconic meme was part of early internet culture, long before NFTs were considered “cool.” People used to comment “I know that feel bro” after posting the meme, earning it the moniker “That Feels Guy.” The “NPC Wojak,” a viral visual interpretation of people who can’t think for themselves, is one notable Wojak variant. Along with “NPC Wojak,” there are also “Coomer,” “Doomer,” and “Soyjak.”

    As a result, it will be interesting to see how the Rare Wojak NFT Collection will reinvent the dynamic meme that has been used to convey so many pop culture references.

    Meet the Next-Generation Rare Wojak NFTs.

    According to the project’s creators, they painstakingly rebuilt Wojak as vectors in order to create the 4200 randomly generated unique Rare Wojak NFTs from 50+ traits. Holders of NFTs can own, trade, and use them as they see fit. The Collection features new artwork, but the team assured fans that the charm and detail of the original were preserved in areas where it was possible.

    There are 120 Legendary Wojaks among the 4200 Wojak NFTs. These are video NFTs of Wojak’s character. It’s worth noting that this is Solana’s first video-based offering.

    Rare Wojak’s equally amusing team promised a slew of surprises following the mint event. For example, if you draw a Legendary Wojak, it will not “unlock” for a few days or weeks after the mint date. This will add to the excitement for the new NFT holders. Following the sale, the team has promised “lulz” and more game theory in their Weeks of Wojaks promotion.

    In addition, the team will release 25 iconic backgrounds, some of which will be computer-generated but many of which will be created in collaboration with various artists. These musicians and artists provided music, artwork, and hilarious voiceovers. To add authenticity to the Collection, 35% of the voiceover clips are unscripted and taken from live crypto trading rooms all over the internet. Collaborators are in for a treat because they will receive royalties on all of their Legendary cards for the rest of their lives, in addition to royalties on the mint. To make things fair, each voice collaborator receives 1x copy of their own NFT from the available 12.

    How to Mint and Drop Specifications

    The mint URL will be revealed shortly before the sale, but it will ONLY be derived from the domain rarewojak.com. Once minted, a random NFT from the First Edition of Rare Wojaks will be delivered to your Solana wallet.

    The Drop is quickly approaching. By October 1, the community will be able to purchase Rare WOjak NFTs for 2 SOLs each. As of press time, that amounted to around $300. It’s worth noting that team is pre-minting 100 Wojaks: 88 Rare Wojaks (which will be distributed to the community) and 12 Legendary Wojaks (1x for each collab).

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