• The First Cryptocurrency for the Firearms Industry in the World

  • Digital Arms, an NFT trading platform for firearm, gaming, and hunting enthusiasts, is now offering branded NFT firearms for purchase. The team is leveraging their extensive combined experience in the firearms and hunting industries to create a world-first platform that introduces non-fungible tokens to the space.

    The goal is to provide a user-friendly platform that allows even newcomers to the crypto market to buy, sell, and trade NFT firearms and accessories. Going digital, regarded as the next evolution in firearms, broadens the use of NFTs not only as collectibles but also for use in gaming and other digital platforms. Digital Arms NFTs will be compatible with video games and other digital platforms, enhancing the user experience and enabling cross-game firearm NFTs and skins/accessories.

    With agreements with industry-leading names, Digital Arms is partnering with globally recognized firearms manufacturers to replicate models and create scarce, licensed firearm NFTs, bringing the real-world aspect to the platform.

    To accomplish the task set out by Digital Arms, the company has already raised more than $1.5 million USD, and the Hunter Token ($HNTR) is the core medium of the ecosystem. The token is what will power the entire ecosystem built by Digital Arms. The Hunter Token will be limited in supply, collectible, and interoperable with a variety of video games, all of which are exclusive to Digital Arms and the Hunter Token.

    The Hunter Token ($HNTR) is the digital currency that powers all transactions, and its value will be represented by the community’s and ecosystem’s growth and adoption.

    To open markets and early investors, Digital Arms has recently opened Hunter Token whitelisting registration. Based on early investor interest, it will be a massive development for the firearms, munitions, and hunting industries, as well as for NFT collectors worldwide.

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