• The focus of the crowd has shifted from Ethereum to Matic! It’s time for MATIC’s price to skyrocket!

  • The Matic platform has recently made headlines as the altcoins’ daily user activity has skyrocketed to new highs! The increased traffic appears to be the result of Matic’s upcoming exciting partnerships. With a series of events set to begin in the fourth quarter, the Matic price appears to be quite promising. Outside of the Ethereum main chain, the network is developing the best DeFi technology.

    The Matic Network’s daily user activity has surpassed that of Ethereum.

    Matic’s performance over the last few days has enthralled the crowd. Raphael, a well-known Matic fundamental analyst, shared some interesting statistical data. Daily user activity on the Matic network surpassed Ethereum on September 27, 2021, according to the metric. Matic, on the other hand, has 351k daily active users, compared to 326k for Ethereum.

    Recent Matic Collaborations

    VYSYN Ventures provided a $30 million fund on September 27, 2021, to support gaming projects built on Polygon. HyperPay, a multi-currency payment solution, recently partnered with Polygon. As a result, users can now access the Polygon dApps via the HyperPay wallet. Polygon network will soon join forces with idle finance, a leading yield aggregator. This venture will assist users in reaping the greatest benefits from various DeFi strategies.

    Price Analysis Automated

    MATIC’s price was also affected by the recent crypto market crash. At the time of publication, the price was trading at $1.09, with a slight pullback. The price of Matic is patiently awaiting a breakout because its major resistance level is $1.162. The price could skyrocket to new highs if the breakout occurs!

    If the breakdown occurs, Matic’s price will fall to an immediate support level of $1.030.

    In terms of fundamentals and price, Matic appears to be a formidable competitor for Ethereum. The Polygon network is working from the ground up to fortify the network for future technology. On the other hand, Ethereum’s slow network activity may be another reason why users are flocking to Matic.

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