• The Founder of Cryptomories Suggestions That Opensea Verification Standards Are Untrustworthy

  • Iwwon, the founder of Cryptomories, has claimed to have “cracked the Opensea verification system.” He claims that it is unjust and suspicious. This comes after his product, Cryptomories, was removed from the platform due to copyright violations. They’re back on the platform, but they’re still unverified.

    The Claims of the Cryptomories Founder

    Iwwon, the founder of Cryptomories, made a bold remark on Twitter. “I think I hacked Opensea’s verification method,” he said, “since if one of Opensea’s staff members buys a nft from a collection, it gets validated.”

    It is unknown what project Iwwon was referring to. Notably, Opensea has been involved in previous trading scandals.

    On the NFT platform, many projects with lower floor prices, fewer followers, and a less active community than Cryptomories have been confirmed.

    Concerning Cryptomories

    Iwwon, an NFT artist, established Cryptomories, a 10,000-piece NFT collection. Their artwork depicts skulls with a variety of additional characteristics. They have a large following, with over 48,000 followers on Twitter and 27,000 on Discord. The collection’s current floor price on Opensea is 0.62 ETH ($1,630 at the time of writing).

    They were recently embroiled in a DMCA takedown action with an anonymous person in the NFT area, who appeared to be NFT artist Sabet. As a result, they were briefly removed from the Opensea platform.

    While there was no permanent consequence on Cryptomories’ Opensea status in terms of being on the platform, it nonetheless sparked outrage among holders and team members. They thought that was completely unjust.

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