• The Global Esports Federation collaborates with Flare Networks to engage in blockchain activities

  • The Global Esports Federation (GEF) has announced a strategic partnership with Flare Networks.

    GEF, the platform that promotes the credibility and prestige of esports, has collaborated with Flare Networks to develop the blockchain pathway of the future.

    According to GEF, the collaboration with Flare Networks — a decentralized network that brings full smart contract utility to the XRP ecosystem — will pave the way for engaging blockchain technologies with the dynamic esports community around the world.

    GEF intends to engage with blockchain as part of its mission to develop visible initiatives in support of the global esports community.

    Adrian F. Lismore, GEF Board Member and Chair of the Finance, Legal, and Administration Commission, then stated,

    We are very pleased to announce our Global Partnership with Flare Networks. As one of our core values, innovation, we provide limitless opportunities, excitement, and hope to our community.

    Furthermore, F. Lismore stated that the global community has asked them to lead the way by providing guidance, framework, and proper integrity measures to increase trust. Furthermore, F. Lismore stated, “This global partnership with Flare Networks will help the GEF, our Members, and Partners light the way for our community to engage with blockchain.”

    He also congratulated and welcomed Flare Networks co-founder and CEO Hugo Philion and the team for connecting with them and joining them on their journey.

    Hugo Philion also stated that they support the Global Esports Federation’s mission of connecting the world through esports. Furthermore, he emphasized that Flare is dedicated to creating a decentralized, seamless, and energy-efficient network. Individuals and communities will be able to “take full control of their collective futures and experiences, as well as interact with one another in ways never before possible” as a result of this.

    Furthermore, Philion believes that blockchain has exciting applications in gaming and esports. As a result, they hope to foster a more diverse, democratic, and well-connected esports community.

    The GEF is truly prepared to harness new technologies that will result in a drastically different competitive future in esports and entertainment.

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