• Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is said to have proposed programs to make his state more welcoming to Bitcoin innovation. The governor’s action provides Miami Mayor Francis Suarez with state-level support, in addition to previous county-level assistance.

    DeSantis stated, “Our view as the state government is that this is something that we welcome, and we want to make sure that the state government is crypto-friendly.”

    Among other cryptocurrency-related proposals included in the state’s budget for next year, DeSantis proposed a program that would allow businesses in Florida to pay state fees in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

    The move is intended to attract additional Bitcoin investment to Florida. This year has seen an influx of related entrepreneurs and businesses, as new developments and welcoming officials have plugged into the Bitcoin narrative. Suarez spearheaded these efforts, advocating for friendlier regulation and novel city-level developments to foster the growth of Bitcoin-related innovation.

    Suarez first proposed incorporating Bitcoin into Miami’s operations earlier this year. Residents would be able to pay city fees and property taxes in bitcoin, and city employees would be paid in bitcoin, according to the resolution. The proposal also included the intention of allowing Miami to hold BTC. Later, the mayor received support from Miami-Dade County for the formation of a cryptocurrency task force to assess the feasibility of similar developments at the county level.

    DeSantis is the most recent Florida official to express an interest in accepting bitcoin payments. Miami’s chances of passing the necessary legislation may improve as a result of state-level support, as most proposals have since stalled. Suarez announced in October that his plan to pay city employees in bitcoin was moving forward. Nonetheless, the mayor sought an alternative and used the Lightning payments app Strike to receive a BTC paycheck due to the lack of progress in that direction.

    While improvements and developments in city, county, and state legislation have yet to materialize, the publicity surrounding Bitcoin’s promises and excitement has drawn businesses, enthusiasts, and conferences to Florida. That is the first step, as lawmakers continue to struggle to understand the peer-to-peer monetary network.

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