• The Hang Seng Indexes Company has launched the Metaverse Index

  • Hang Seng Indexes Company has announced the creation of a new index based on metaverses.

    The Hang Seng China Metaverse Index debuted alongside another new index, the Genomics and Oncology Index.

    They are the newest members of its Megatrend Index Series, which was created to diversify the company’s existing indexes.

    The new index was launched by Hang Seng Company Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hang Seng Bank.

    Launch of the Metaverse Index

    The decision to develop the index came at a time when investor interest in the metaverse topic is at an all-time high. Investors aren’t the only ones who are interested in metaverse ventures. The metaverse concept is gaining popularity among people all around the world who want to try it out. Virtual reality (VR), gaming, digital experiences, and advanced technologies in virtual worlds are driving blockchain enterprises forward.

    Taking advantage of this development, the Hang Seng China Metaverse Index will track the performance of Chinese enterprises engaged in metaverse commerce.

    Daniel Wong is the Director at Hang Seng Indexes Company. “New megatrends are having an increasingly significant impact on our daily lives. Our two new megatrend indexes are intended to assist investors in capitalizing on possible opportunities emanating from these innovative and disruptive movements in the stock markets of mainland China and Hong Kong.”

    The two indexes cover Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Shenzhen stocks. They are computed and distributed in real time at two-second intervals.

    Other Indexes

    The Genomics and Oncology Index will track the companies involved as genomic therapy and other revolutionary medications become standard therapies for cancer and other illnesses.

    They will join other new services such as the E-Commerce Index, NextGen Communications Index, and Generation Z Index.

    The Hang Seng Family of Indexes has approximately USD44 billion in assets under management by the end of 2021.

    Index Coop manages yet another Metaverse Index. This Metaverse Index (MVI) tries to represent the trend of virtual entertainment, sports, and business.

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