• The Hideaways has started its first presale for a collection of NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain that will be backed by luxury real estate.

    The Hideaways NFT holders will own an NFT that is linked to an actual real estate asset as a result of the fractionalization of NFTs.

    As a result, the NFT’s value will never fall below the value of that real estate.

    The first round of the presale is already open, and investors can take advantage of a 50% incentive in token allocation.

    Indeed, this ground-breaking NFT removes the impediments to traditional real estate investment, such as high capital start-up costs, sluggish burn returns, lengthy completion timeframes, and hefty middle-man fees.

    The Hideaways believe that through NFT fractionalization, NFTs can spark a new wave of property investors who can earn a passive income while also making capital gains on their real estate investments.

    Investment in foreign countries is growing more common, with APAC investors making large investments in the North American and EMEA markets.

    That is why The Hideaways is positioning itself and its investors to capitalize on this increasing trend via NFTs and decentralized blockchain technology.

    How do The Hideaways NFTs function?

    To begin, The Hideaways has an experienced team in place to handle property procurement and management.

    Pre-sale investors will have first dibs on the first five portfolio properties.

    To accompany the property, each of these will have an additional 5 NFTs created, and investors will be awarded a share of each bonus NFT in proportion to their original ownership percentage.

    Furthermore, holders will be able to swap NFT shares with one another using The Hideaways’ trading platform, which means you may be invested in Asia one minute and Europe the next.

    Those interested in the real estate market and who enjoy trading stocks can thus join The Hideaways platform and begin trading real estate when the exchange goes online.

    Club Hideaway and other advantages

    The Hideaways has also introduced its membership club, which grants members access to monthly incentives, airdrops, additional NFTs, fee discounts, and other perks.

    Those ready to make large investments will receive the benefits and pleasures associated with Club Hideaway.

    In actuality, VIP membership at the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond levels requires a minimum contribution of $10,000 for Gold, $20,000 for Platinum, and $50,000 for Diamond.

    Finally, The Hideaways said that they will completely utilize blockchain technology by democratizing property investing.

    To do this, the initiative will put its investment plan up for a vote at each strategy meeting, giving investors ultimate control over the portfolio’s path.

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