• The Hyype Guarded Launch Is Looking for an NFT Champion

  • hyype, a next-generation NFT curation platform, is looking for its first champion – an NFT collection with stones representing the digital realm. The platform is launching a friendly competition to determine which collection will be the first to receive some “hype.”

    Some of the most well-known blue-chip collectibles from the NFT world are up for grabs. CryptoPunks compete against Bored Apes, Cool Cats, and others to find the coolest collectibles on the market (chain). The winner will then have the distinction of being the first collection to be made available on hyype.

    The “Alpha Race” is comprised of 13 collections in total. And all you have to do to show your support is log in with a wallet and represent your assets on the website. Setting a profile pic, selecting a squad, and uploading a touch of lore all earn points. The collection with the most points at the end of 72 hours wins. Owners of those highly sought-after collectibles will then gain access to one of the most exclusive clubs in the world.

    Hyype is a brand-new social network for NFT fans and curators. Creating a special hive for non-fungible aficionados. So, join the hyype Discord to gather more information and nominate a collection for the next round of competition.

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