• The Long-Awaited Azuki Beanz NFT Reveal Has Arrived

  • After more than a month of anticipation, Azuki holders have finally seen their prized Beanz NFTs. The second collection from the white-hot Azuki project appears to be continuing the project’s incredible momentum.

    Azuki takes over Twitter when the Beanz NFT is revealed.

    The Beanz craze officially began in early April, when Azuki holders got two NFT airdrops. Although it wasn’t obvious what these airdrops truly held at the time. Not to mention that these mystery NFT boxes quickly turned into dirt mounds. Nonetheless, the mystery of the airdrops simply added to the high sales volume seen as early excitement rose.

    Of course, it was later revealed that these airdrops were in fact Azuki’s new companion collection, the BEANZ. As you’d think, the collection sparked a lot of interest. It’s not surprising, given Azuki’s tremendous run over the last six months.

    Azuki has had one of the most successful first six months of any NFT project to date. According to majority of the Twitter reaction, Azuki’s Beanz NFT collection has a possibility to become the most sought-after companion release of 2022.

    Is a lovely blue-chip NFT on the way?

    The Azuki Beanz NFT collection has a floor price of 4.15 ETH at the time of writing. Furthermore, it has seen a total trade volume of nearly 44,000 ETH (now more than $120 million). Aside from its good statistics mainly holding up through the reveal, a sizable proportion of holders appear pleased with the reveal.

    Excited owners inundated NFT Twitter with these one-of-a-kind cartoon beans. They certainly suit the charming NFT look while retaining distinguishing features of the Azuki style. Could Azuki’s Beanz follow in the footsteps of MAYC and become a full-fledged blue chip in its own right? The influence of this new collection on Azuki, who has yet to make a significant blunder, remains to be seen.

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