• The Meme NFT Collection With Community, The Doge Pound

  • The Doge Pound NFT collection began as a fun PFP effort. Today, it has grown into one of the largest communities of dog lovers dedicated to assisting dogs all around the world. Let’s look at their rewarding experience and how the project is progressing.

    Who exactly is The Doge Pound NFT?

    In essence, The Doge Pound NFT collection has 10,000 dog-themed NFTs, each with a unique set of characteristics. This includes their background image, attire, earrings, eyes, eyewear, mouth, fur, and hat. Since then, the team has launched a number of other collections, including Doge Pound Puppies, Halloween, Christmas, Diamond Paws, and the Founders Token.

    The Doge Pound NFT provides various member-only features. Early access to new releases, upcoming P2E games, conferences, gaming events, and unique presale chances are all part of this. Aside from that, what have founder John Lemon and the Doge Pound team been up to?

    NFT collection that is more than simply memes

    The amount of cooperation with significant personalities in the NFT and crypto field is the project’s most visible accomplishment. Aside from being a certified Coinbase partner, they also collaborate with Binance, FTX, and Mintverse. Furthermore, they are collaborating with a number of game studios in their push towards GameFi and the metaverse. DeRace, Evaverse, My Pet Hooligan, and others are among them.

    The Doge Pound LaunchPad, on the other hand, plays a key role in the NFT area by assisting new projects in taking off. Deez NFTs and JRNY Club are two successful launchpad projects.

    Doge Pound NFT merch is extremely popular among the community, with some of the sickest designs in the space. The crew collaborated with Maddie’s to create sweatshirts, t-shirts, mugs, beanies, onesies, pillows, and other items.

    The Doge Pound Sanctuary

    They are dedicated to helping dogs all around the world as the greatest group of dog lovers on web3. Every NFT sale immediately supports to the construction of the Doge Pound Facility, East Africa’s largest dog rescue shelter. Many dogs in Tanzania are being abused, abandoned, injured, or unwell as we speak.

    This project will rescue, sterilize, and treat homeless street dogs. To alleviate suffering, they will also execute outreach immunization and animal welfare programs. You are always welcome to donate to their money, as they do not get any government funding.

    Doge Pound Studios is another option.

    Another area in which the team is quite enthusiastic is blockchain gaming. The gaming team as a whole has a lot of expertise designing mobile games, with over 300 million downloads to date. They will now concentrate on creating a play-to-earn game as well as several metaverse ventures.

    Manic Games, The Feeding Game, and an open metaverse are now in the works. Through their regular The Doge Pound Roundup series, the team provides frequent updates on these projects.

    If you enjoy gaming, you can also join up to be an early beta tester. It’s always nice to have early access, isn’t it? Simply join their Discord server to learn more.

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