• The move Pepper Attack Polygon will introduce play2earn to the ecosystem

  • Pepper Attack, a popular NFT game, has moved from the Ethereum blockchain to the Layer 2 option, Polygon. They apply their earn-to-play economy to their new blockchain. The community made this decision. The game has stated that the development of their transition will be delayed. They are hoping that the benefits will compensate for the delay.

    Concerning Pepper Attack

    Pepper Attack is a play-to-earn strategy game based on NFT. Five Pepper clans must enter the Mythical World to stop the evil Underlord of the Old World. Players must use their Pepper NFTs to battle in missions in order to receive game items. PVE and PVP rankings will be available in Pepper Attack. Top players will be able to earn additional bonuses and, of course, MYTE tokens as a result of this. There is also a PVP arena mode in the game. Every single character in the game is an NFT. Each has a different number of hit points, attack power, critical hit chance, defense, and dodge chance. The strength of a pepper is determined by these characteristics.

    Concerning the Switch to Polygon

    In comparison to competitors or layer 2 options, Ethereum has been known for its high gas fees and slower transition speeds. They have also been chastised for their lack of environmental sensitivity. Fees have consistently ranged from $10 to $100, depending on how much the network is used.

    The relocation will begin on November 1st. The current cost of purchasing a Mystic Pepper NFT will be increased from 0.07 ETH to 0.15 ETH. There are approximately 3,000/10,000 left. Mystic Pepper NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain can be transferred to Polygon via a bridge page on Pepper Attack’s official website. All of these NFTs can be transferred in a single transaction by users. The Ethereum NFT is transformed into a Legend Medal, and the smart contract mints the original Mystic Pepper NFT on the Polygon blockchain. These Mystic Pepper NFTs are in the game, and they are the only NFTs that can mine the MYTE token.

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