• The NFT Game’s Founder Loses 16 CryptoPunks and a ‘Bunch of ETH’ to a Scammer

  • After falling victim to fraud, the founder of an NFT videogame lost 16 CryptoPunks “and a chunk of ETH.”

    Stazie, the pseudonymous developer of the NFT game Hedgie, tweeted yesterday, “I was lying in bed yesterday evening, the mind was pretty fuzzy, lazily browsing.” “The whole affair felt like a bad dream, almost as if I were hypnotized.”

    To commemorate the project’s four-year anniversary, a scammer calling himself “cryptopunksbot” posted on the CryptoPunk Discord service, promising NFT investors the chance to win ten of the coveted NFT avatars.

    Stazie accepted the false offer from the ad, but that decision cost him 16 CryptoPunks, which were likely valued at at least a million dollars.

    The link sent you to LarvaLabs.io, a realistic imitation of LarvaLabs.com, the project behind CryptoPunks. Stazie described the scammy site as having a window “that looked like Metamask,” alluding to the popular in-browser wallet.

    The popup stated that Metamask’s security had been hacked and asked for Stazie’s seed phrase to re-establish access. Anyone with access to the twelve-word phrase has the ability to empty the MetaMask wallet of cash.

    Stazie unintentionally sent the scammer his wallet’s seed phrase. “There was no critical thought, which is beyond stupid. “The punks and ETH vanished before I could do anything,” he explained.

    On Larva Labs, the scammer’s wallet, which now includes 10 CryptoPunks, is accessible.

    The scammer sold 5 CryptoPunks today for 149 ETH ($385,000).

    Last night, they moved one CryptoPunk, which Stazie still uses as his Twitter profile photo, to another wallet.

    Stazie has been involved in cryptocurrency since 2017 and is well-versed in the methods by which people are duped out of their cryptocurrency investments. He attributes his error in judgment at the time to “being burnt out, exhausted, and frustrated.”

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