• The NFT of legendary boxer Tyson Fury was auctioned off for $1 million

  • ‘Lineal by Tyson Fury’ was auctioned for $987,000, making it one of the most expensive sports NFTs ever. HoDooi.com’s first major celebration sale was Fury’s NFT. It was just released on the platform last week and has already set sales records.

    ‘Lineal by Tyson Fury,’ a record-breaking NFT, has now established itself as one of the most expensive sports NFTs ever sold. The buyer will receive physical tokens in addition to the NFT, including a five-by-five-foot painting of the artwork autographed by Tyson Fury himself, according to the auction. The buyer will also receive an autographed boxing glove and a video message from Fury congratulating the winner.

    Tyson expressed his gratitude to the attendees. “Huge thanks to all of the bidders, buyers, and HoDooi.com for this NFT drop!” he said. It was a pleasure working with the HoDooi team, and I’m glad we’re all a part of history with one of the largest bids ever placed on a single sporting NFT!”

    The Five-of-a-Kind Collection

    The five-of-five category of Fury’s NFT collection is currently on sale on the HoDooi platform. The five-of-five collection, which includes Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze categories, is also garnering a furious response from bidders around the world, similar to Lineal by Tyson Fury.

    “With Tyson’s NFT debut, we were ecstatic to be able to set new records. HoDooi.com is just getting started, and we have a lot more in store for our users and the crypto community! HoDooi CEO Matt Luczynski stated, “The HOD token will give our members the most unique access going forward.”

    NFTs in Sports

    Fans who want to buy an audio, video, photograph, or artwork of their favorite sportsmen are flocking to sports NFTs in droves. A film sequence of NBA star LeBron James was auctioned for $269,000 AUD, capturing one of his greatest moves on tape. Even though the film was only a few seconds long, it quickly became a collector’s item that was sold as an NFT. Following the sale of the NBA star’s NFT, Cristiano Ronaldo’s NFT went for $289,920. The NFT included a one-of-a-kind digital trading card of Ronaldo.

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