• The Novatar — The Ultimate NFT Project Featuring a Limited Collection of 25K Avatars

  • The Novatar is a new NFT project that aims to provide a new meta identity and gate-pass to a virtual existence across all Metaverses. The Novatar, a new launch in the NFT universe, contains a limited collection of 25,000 Avatars with no additions to be generated.

    The 25,000 NFT Novatars are all newborns, freshly formed, and everyone is unique in their own way, with differences in race, color, facial characteristics, and expressions.

    Following the functioning mechanism provided by blockchain technology, newborn infant avatars can age after being minted. This allows avatar owners to choose when to “age” their babies and have them grow into adults. Throughout the aging process, the avatars keep the genes they were born with while developing new ones.

    A newborn Novatar will have 9 basic genes. This signifies that the 9 genes are required. However, as the Novatar matures, the number of genes increases to 14, of which 10 are essential and the remaining four are optional.

    When it comes to infant avatars, each gene has six possible variations, whereas adults have eleven variations for individual genes, with the exception of the genes that code for skin, hair, eyes, and the color of their brows.

    Case Studies for Novatar NFTs Owners
    • You can utilize your Novatar to create a digital identity for yourself that you can use across social networks and Metaverses.
    • You can put your Novatar NFTs to use outside of social and virtual realms. This is due to their importance in the real-life events that members of the Novatar community will be organizing.
    Important information about The Novatar
    • There are only 25,000 Novatars in existence, and no more will be manufactured.
    • Novatars will initially emerge as newborn infants.
    • The owner of a Novatar decides when their baby Novatars will mature into adults (following a minting process)
    • Novatar NFT avatars can choose from five professions. Doctor, Blogger, Astronaut, Gamer, and Developer are among them.
    • As a person ages, more genes emerge, so an adult Novatar has more genes than a baby Novatar.
    • Each Novatar is unique in its own way. As a result, there are more unusual forms of Novatars, each one unique and distinct from the others.
    • It is difficult to foresee an avatar’s sexual orientation when it reaches adulthood.

    The Novatar invention is based on the notion that NFT avatars will transition from being a baby to being an adult while retaining the characteristics of adult life. Style, gender, and having a job are all examples of these characteristics.

    Concerning Novatars

    Only 25K Novatars are available on the Novatar platform, ready to represent a person in virtual or real-life activities. These Novatars are one-of-a-kind and non-identical, with distinctions such as facial expressions and features, race differences, and skin color variations.

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