• The price of Contentos has increased by 31%, making it the largest gainer on Crypto.com

  • The price of Contentos has risen by more than 30% today, and it is now trading at $0.029. Contentos is making big moves today, with a market cap of $99.48 million and a 24-hour trading volume of $102 million. This article examines Contentos to determine why its price is rising.

    What Exactly Is Contentos?

    Contentos bills itself as a global decentralized content ecosystem. According to the company’s official website:

    “Contentos’ vision is to create a “decentralized digital content community that allows content to be freely produced, distributed, rewarded, and traded while protecting author rights.” Contentos strives to incentivize content creation and global diversity, as well as to return content rights and value to users.”

    Contentos includes a peer-to-peer revenue distribution system that keeps the value of creation open and transparent while returning rewards directly to its users.

    Contentos also has a decentralized traffic distribution network, trackable copyright transactions, and immutable credit systems.

    Cos.TV, the first video platform powered by the Contentos blockchain, is one of the company’s most popular apps. Cos.TV allows users to watch videos, share content, and earn COS in exchange for doing so.

    COS is the native cryptocurrency of the Binance Chain-based Contentos platform (BEP2)

    Why Is the Price of Contentos Increasing?

    Recently, Contentos Co-Founder and CEO Mick Tsai participated in an AMA with Coin Mühendisi, a Turkish community. Contentos was introduced to the community by the founder, who mentioned their NFT and Metaverse plans.

    The AMA appears to have gone well, as the price of Contentos skyrocketed shortly after.

    In other news, Contentos announced a partnership with the Japanese NFT Entertainment and Experience project HUG HUG COIN on Twitter.

    According to their tweet, the collaboration will aid in the development of Web 3.0 possibilities for COS.TV and HUG HUG.

    Tokenomics & Contentos Price

    COS is currently trading at $0.02796, up 34.98 percent in the last 24 hours. Contentos has a market capitalization of $102 million and a daily trading volume of $122 million.

    COS has a total supply of 9.9 billion, with 3.64 billion in circulation. COS can be purchased on Binance, Bithumb, Gate.io, Binance DEX, and other exchanges.

    Please be aware that this is not trading or investment advice. Before purchasing any cryptocurrency, always conduct thorough research.

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