• The RECUR Portal Pass is now available with Nifty Gateway, Polygon, and Christie’s

  • A technology company that creates on-chain brand experiences is becoming non-fungible. RECUR Portal Pass is a brand new NFT project from RECUR that will be released on December 9th. Tokens will be available for purchase for only 24 hours and will never be minted again.

    So, what do people get in exchange for their hard-earned cryptocurrency? According to the information we have, passes grant lifetime access to new NFT collections in which RECUR is involved. Buyers, for example, can expect immediate beta access to a variety of the company’s licensed IPs. ViacomCBS, Hello Kitty, and Care Bears are among them. Not to mention the NFTU college sports market. For more information, visit the official website, and to learn more about how early access can benefit NFT collectors, read our story on whitelisting.

    Partners for the Day

    The list of partners involved in the RECUR Portal Pass is one of its most impressive features. If nothing else, this suggests that the drop will pique the interest of a large number of people.

    First and foremost, Nifty Gateway has been approved as a co-listing platform for the passes. This means that the large, established community will be able to purchase passes beginning December 9th. Meanwhile, the minting solution is in the hands of Polygon Studios, who has also purchased 10,000 RECUR Portal Passes. These will be airdropped to members of the community. However, we don’t know how these will be distributed.

    Finally, NFT Now and Christie’s are taking part. The auction house, which has been very active in NFTs this year, including the recent $29 million sale of Beeple’s ‘Human One,’ is selling a super-rare pass. The ‘Pure White Zero Pass’ is a one-of-a-kind item. This means it’s the most uncommon item in the drop. Anyone interested, unsurprisingly, should be prepared to pay for it. It is currently listed on OpenSea for 23.69 ETH, or $100,000.

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