• The Resurgent Ethereum NFTs: The CryptoDickbutts Story

  • If you want to laugh, go ahead: Last week, sales volume for the CryptoDickbutts NFT collection spiked briefly after Rug Radio host Farokh revealed his 3.8 ETH (about $12,000) entry.

    However, as Andreessen Horowitz co-founder Marc Andreessen recently stated in a tweet on memes, the 15-year-old meme’s long-term appeal may be motivated by something other than playful trolling.

    Dick Butts, a comic book series created by K.C. Green in 2006, evolved into CryptoDickbutts, an NFT series on Ethereum. But what began as a joke among early CryptoPunk owners has developed into a community united in the belief that, despite the wacky looks, the currency’s sustained growth exemplifies essential decentralization values.

    With only 161 NFTs in the original collection, which was launched in March 2021, continued demand resulted in a Series 3 of 5,200 NFTs being issued in August 2021, which were rated based on traits such as skins, butts, shoes, and hats. One of the 14 “famous” one-of-a-kind NFTs in the Series 3 collection sold for 69 ETH (approximately $246,744) in October.

    Along with initiatives like merchandise and games in the CryptoDickbutt DAO (any verified CDB holder is welcome in the Decentralized Autonomous Organization), community members are collaborating to bridge the digital and physical worlds by purchasing a private island for events and downtime should any holder—a group that includes Steve Aoki, Blondish, ProbCause, and Sartoshi—feel inclined to visit.

    This initiative has resulted in collaborations with Silver Jets, which offers OG and Series 3 holders 15% and 10% discounts on private charter flights, respectively. Naughty America built an interactive Metaverse-style VR scenario, and derivatives with artists like Killer Acid and Sergs—not to mention common qualities with the recently released 3D Alpacadabraz—are among the other collaborations. Cryptodickbutts and Gremplin’s most recent release, CrypToadz, share a solidity developer who worked on both projects, according to the pseudonymous Gremplin.

    In light of the recent celebrity influx in popular NFT collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club and corporate branding of the Metaverse through companies like Meta, CryptoDickbutts’ steady rise is almost reminiscent of Bitcoin’s stand against the ivory towers of Wall Street in that key values are preserved for Web3 proponents through its design that mitigates brand takeovers, most notably freedom forever embedded within its token contract address 0x42069ABFE407C60cf.

    While there is no clear roadmap, the official CryptoDickbutt Twitter account announced that a recent doubling of Series 3 royalties to 5% will help support more regular community-led initiatives in the future.

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