• The Russian Strip Club Has Joined the NFT Hype

  • Blockchain technologies have already infiltrated the offline business world. Burlesque-Virgins, a men’s club network, recently debuted an NFT series on the Rarible marketplace.

    Four tokens have been auctioned off. Three tokens entitle holders to a service in any network club. The first drop provides a limousine ride in the company of five club strip dancers. Another drop allows you to rent a club during the day with strip dancers and employers.

    The third, and most contentious, NFT-drop gives its owner the right to enter the club and pick up underwear from any employee in the house. The fourth token is the clubs’ official anthem. By purchasing this NFT, the owner will receive copyright and, if desired, will be able to prohibit the track from being played in any of the network’s clubs.

    The tokens have a reasonable initial price. Furthermore, the holders will keep the photos even after they have received the service. A token for a 3-hour limousine ride, for example, costs 0.45 ETH, and a club rental for 4 hours costs 0.54 ETH.

    The tokens sparked heated debate on social media. Crypto enthusiasts argue about which service is the most thrilling. Naturally, the right to a stripper’s pants is the most contentious. However, many bloggers applauded the idea of renting a club. This token may be in high demand in the run-up to the New Year.

    At this point, it is unclear how blockchain technologies can be used by offline businesses. Most likely, it’s just a well-planned public relations campaign.

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