• The Sandbox Opens a Cultural Hub With Crypto Lab Employees

  • Pride month comes to The Sandbox as the first “hub of diversity, equity, and inclusivity” is set for launch in the Valley of Belonging. The hub, which was created in partnership with People of Crypto Lab, will make its debut in the metaverse on June 24. The Sandbox has joined forces to highlight ethnic differences and diversity in this “Belonging Week,” which precedes Alphas Season 3.

    The Sandbox metaverse has taken the lead in promoting inclusivity in the crypto industry. The project is the result of a collaboration with People of Crypto Lab to conduct a Web3 event to welcome new users from all groups and backgrounds.

    Crypto Lab employees have collaborated to develop the “cultureverse.” This platform will energize the voices and stories of diverse communities, such as “black and brown women, people of color, and LGBTQ+.” It will serve as a forum for marginalized creators, developers, and marketers to showcase their work.

    People from Crypto Lab have also collaborated with several brands to bring awareness to “Belonging Week.” NYX Professional Makeup became the first cosmetics firm to enter The SandBox as a result of this event. With NYC sponsorship, the event will showcase multiple avatars to break the gender stereotypes surrounding makeup.

    These NFT avatars with voxelized cosmetics will depict a Pride Flag community. The collection will include 8,430 avatars representing the 84.3 percent of the population, as well as communities of color and LGBTQ+ people.

    This is one of the most diverse NFT collections, with over 36 skin tones and a plethora of other features to represent every ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and cultural identification. The whole revenues from the NFT collection will be donated to the Los Angeles LGBT Center by NYC. At the end of the sale, the proceeds might total $50,000.

    Crab Studio, a top-tier game developer, will create the cultureverse. The ecosystem, as an inclusive environment, will welcome imagination, innovation, and freedom of expression from all directions. Anyone can come to the “Valley of Belonging” at any time of year to play, express themselves, and mingle.

    Crypto Lab Co-founder Akbar Hamid stated that it brings him great joy to build a secure and inclusive web3 environment for minorities like himself. After thanking NYX Professional Makeup, he announced his intention to grow the ecosystem with more inclusive products worldwide.

    Sebastian Borget, COO of The Sandbox, believes that “Belonging Week” fits nicely into the metaverse’s mission of creating a place where everyone feels invited to create, play, and engage in whatever way they wish. Other community festivities in The Sandbox include MetaPride Land and World of Women, Blond:ish, and others.

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