• The Sandbox (SAND) is rallying in response to the release of Snoop Dogg avatar NFTs

  • The price of Sandbox (SAND/USD) is currently bullish, aligning with the recovery of the larger market. The price movement currently shows SAND heading towards breaking higher levels, having gained by over 8 percent in 24 hours at the time of writing.

    SAND prepares for a bullish reversal

    The bearish trend is currently weakening, allowing SAND to rebound from important support levels at $3. The token has sailed above the significant resistance level of $3.29 and is now on its way to the next objective of $3.59.

    Short-term traders are driving the price activity at the moment, as market support is substantial. If purchasing pressure remains strong, SAND might rally above $4 and reclaim its 7-day high of $4.30.

    The significant price barrier in SANDprice ;’s action is $4.42. If SAND can break above this important resistance, it will rise to early December highs of $6.13. However, SAND’s performance has mostly paralleled that of the broader cryptocurrency market; so, such highs are likely if the market continues to rebound.

    Bearish sentiment persists, and SAND could fall to a critical support level of $2.90. This is a critical defense level for SAND, and if buyers do not enter at this point, bears may cause SAND to fall to $1.34. However, before such a drop, the support at $2.30 will be tested.

    Snoop Dogg NFT avatars are set to be released by the Sandbox.

    The Sandbox is a well-known blockchain-based metaverse platform. The network issued 10,000 non-fungible Snoop Dogg avatar tokens (NFTs). The NFTs were made available on February 22, 2022.

    The collection will include 10,000 procedurally created Snoop Dogg avatars. There are 150 qualities in the NFTs. During the second season of the game, users can utilize these avatars to attend concerts, complete tasks, communicate with other players, and explore the metaverse.

    The NFTs are major inventions for Snoop Dogg fans who can gain access to these avatars and use them to be part of a music video shot in The Sandbox.

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