• The Sandbox will get a social hub from Spells of Genesis

  • Spells of Genesis, a popular blockchain-based card trading game, has announced that it will bring its Askian Door social hub to the Sandbox. As a result, players of the game will have access to a new degree of involvement as they interact with the platform on a more personal level.

    Askian Door will provide a new Sandbox-based environment to explore and socialize within its new domain. While also introducing a number of novel new experiences and voxelized NFTs to the mix. Creating a far larger and more immersive ecosystem for fans to explore and enjoy. The first glimpse of this tremendous new region will be revealed during the current Sandbox Alpha Season 3.

    EverdreamSoft, the developer of Spells of Genesis, has disclosed that it has acquired a massive 66 plot of LAND within the expanding metaverse. It has one set aside for the forthcoming Askian Door hub. Meanwhile, EverdreamSoft will develop the remaining parcels of land as it expands its gaming portfolio.

    “Some of the most iconic in-game characters are brought to life and can be interacted with. In addition, users can collect hidden Satoshi Blocks spread across the SoG metaverse and explore spots of interest, all of which have strong ties to the game” – EverdreamSoft – Spells of Genesis Developer

    Spells of Genesis, billed as the first mobile blockchain game, has created waves in the play to earn arena. So far, the app has received an incredible 50k downloads from the Google Play store, with mostly good feedback.

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