• The Serie A hosts the first-ever live football broadcast in the metaverse

  • The top-tier football league in Italy, Serie A, became the first to live-stream a football match in the metaverse on Sunday. To match the historic occasion, the footballing splendour on offer was a match between domestic giants AC Milan and Fiorentina, in which the former won 1-0, propelling them to the league’s all-important summit.

    The event was the result of a collaboration between ConsenSys, a multibillion-dollar blockchain technology company, and The Nemesis, a gaming platform. The match itself was broadcast from The Nemesis metaverse’s Serie A room, a virtual space that is used to host a variety of live experiences such as concerts and parties.

    Despite the metaverse’s inherent inclusivity, this event was only open to fans from Africa and the Middle East (i.e. the MENA region), who were granted exclusive access to the virtual viewing via NFT tickets. Just as if they were watching sports in person, the spectating virtual room allowed fans to interact with one another while also providing real-time stats throughout the game.

    In response to the initiative, Serie A CEO Luigi De Siervo stated, “We believe that the frontier of technological innovation is extremely important for a modern league.”

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