• The Shape and Color Game Is Now Available on OpenSea

  • STAMPSDAQ, an Estonian startup, announced the official launch of the pre-token NFT funding campaign.

    The Shape and Color Game will take place on OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace. In addition, 1000 cryptocurrency stamp-art NFTs are included, divided into five rarity tiers. Those who participate in the campaign will be able to claim 1000 $STAMP staking tokens when the STAMPSDAQ goes live in 2022.

    STAMPSDAQ is a fully-scaled NFT Philately and Art metaverse that brings together blockchain, collecting, trading, gaming, and rewards. Unlike many other Play-to-Earn NFT projects, it will provide a genuine trading experience as well as a common systemic reward structure for the global NFT collecting community.

    “We plan to officially launch the marketplace in the first quarter of 2022.” If you contribute to our project now, you will be entered into a public draw among the owners of the original 1000 NFTs collection and have the opportunity to win one of the ten Diamond NFTs. “These NFTs pave the way for the First NFT Trivia game with an open-ended scalable reward pool formula,” says STAMPSDAQ CEO Andrii Shapovalov.

    The Game of Shape and Color features 1000 one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency stamp-art NFTs divided into five rarity tiers:

    • Burgundy – 400
    • Teal Blue -300
    • Copper – 150
    • Inox – 100
    • Gold – 50
    Each NFT has a distinct color and pattern.

    STAMPSDAQ wishes to offer collectors of NFT stamps and artworks far more entertaining options than simply collecting and trading. At the same time, it will provide an opportunity to profit from the collections. To be more specific, at launch, it will provide four Play-to-Earn options: three types of contests and an NFT trivia game.

    The project’s long-term goal is to convert 1,000,000 motifs of previously issued postage stamps into several curated digital art variations (NFTs) for each motif, each with their own unique digital design elements and varying levels of scarcity.

    STAMPSDAQ is an Estonian start-up that aims to create a blockchain marketplace for crypto philately and cryptocurrency art. Our primary goal is to digitize the existing $12 billion traditional stamps market, which has a 180-year philatelic history.

    The STAMPSDAQ marketplace allows for the monetization of existing philatelic and art collections (both current and historical), as well as the production of new NFT-only issues. STAMPSDAQ is a collector-centric platform that uses a fair revenue sharing model to maximize collectors’ interest and activity in collecting, trading, and gaming.

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