• The Side-Eyeing Chloe NFT sells for $75,000 to 3F Music

  • 3F Music has acquired another meme, NFT. Side-Eyeing Chloe, the latest meme to make its way into the wallet of the Dubai music production company, was purchased by 3F on Friday for 25 ETH, or $75,315.

    Side-Eyeing Chloe is referring to a 2013 video of two-year-old Chloe Chlem reacting to the news of a surprise trip to Disneyland. Katie, Chloe’s mother, films her two children’s reactions.

    While Chloe’s sister, Lily, is overjoyed with the news of her three-day trip—”YAYYYYYY

    The video has received approximately 20 million views, and the screengrab of Chloe has been used numerous times as a meme. Buzzfeed once claimed to be “The Only Reaction You’ll Ever Need For Anything.”

    On September 24, the family sold the screengrab, a 660×371 image, as an NFT. As a result, each pixel costs 30 cents. “The money is awesome, but it’s just the fact that we get to do this as a family is so much fun,” Chloe’s mother, Katie, told ULTCOIN365.

    Katie stated that the family intends to save the ETH rather than convert it all to cash. “It may be worth more next week in an ever-changing world,” she told ULTCOIN365.

    3F has purchased a number of meme NFTs. The company paid $390,000 for an NFT linked to the Disaster Girl meme, $560,000 for an NFT linked to Kevin Roose’s New York Times column, and $411,000 for an NFT linked to the Overly Attached Girlfriend meme. Farzin Fardin Fard, the company’s founder, has 393 NFTs in his collection.

    A two-year-old video of Lily learning about another trip to Disneyland has 19.9 million views. Lily, overcome, sobs in front of the camera. Chloe, who was only a baby at the time, is once again perplexed by the news. Three years later, a video of Lily falling off a swing has 8.6 million views.

    In a 2013 interview, Chloe revealed that her favorite drink is “flavored water,” her favorite animal is “monkeys,” and she is potty-trained. While Chloe has become known for keeping her true feelings hidden, she did reveal one detail about her trip to Disneyland: she is wearing a Mickey Mouse t-shirt.

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