• The SubQuery Network will be available on Acala

  • SubQuery, a Polkadot-based data indexing solution, has announced that it will be available on the Acala parachain.

    The SubQuery Network and SQT will compete to be the first external application and token to be launched on Acala’s ambitious DeFi platform.

    Acala is already set to host dApps weeks before its official launch.

    SubQuery, a Polkadot-based data indexing solution, announced today that it will launch its SubQuery Network on the Acala parachain.

    According to a Medium announcement, the project considered several options before settling on Acala due to its superior community access and technical excellence.

    However, Acala’s upcoming EVM+ launch was a major factor in SubQuery’s decision. By launching on an EVM-compatible chain, investors from the Ethereum ecosystem will be able to participate in SubQuery’s token generation event (TGE) via Metamask. In addition to being able to use Ethereum’s most popular wallet, Acala’s EVM+ users will be able to link their Ethereum addresses with their Polkadot addresses, effectively eliminating the need to manage multiple accounts.

    “By partnering with Acala, the best DeFi platform on Polkadot, we have absolute confidence in their ability to help us not only with our token launch but also in future areas such as micropayments for indexers across networks,” said Sam Zou, SubQuery’s founder and CEO.

    SubQuery will collaborate closely with the Acala development team to launch the first version of the SubQuery Network as an EVM+ smart contract. As part of the launch of its incentivized test network, the company will push the EVM+ to its limits with performance and load testing to ensure that it can scale to billions of daily API requests.

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