• The United Kingdom ranks third in terms of ETH ownership, with crypto usage increasing by 1% in December, according to a survey

  • According to a December poll performed by Finder.com, the United Kingdom ranked third in the world in terms of Ether adoption, while overall cryptocurrency use increased by 1%.

    During the final days of 2021, British crypto enthusiasts were busily consolidating and rebalancing. In December 2021, Finder.com polled 2,013 internet users in the United Kingdom, with mixed results.

    Since the last study in October 2021, U.K. crypto ownership has risen by one percentage point, from 5.2 percent to 6.1 percent, with Ether (ETH) continuing to dominate.

    The United Kingdom’s Ether ownership among crypto holders consolidated at 32.9 percent, close behind Singapore and Australia, with XRP the third-most popularly held coin, at 17.4 percent.

    Surprisingly, the global average adoption rate for Ether declined from 28.2 percent in October to 24.4 percent in December, according to Finder.com’s survey of 27 nations. The United Kingdom’s ETH holders are holding the line, while the rest of the world’s ETH ownership is declining.

    There are no prizes for guessing the most popular cryptocurrency in the United Kingdom. Bitcoin (BTC) is the leader with 42.8 percent, but it is also displaying signs of weakening. While a 42.8 percent percentage nearly matches the Bitcoin domination ratio, it has fallen from highs of 56.7 percent.

    The whole cryptocurrency market fell significantly in December, as analysts’ predictions for a $100,000 BTC in 2021 fell short. Since BTC first fell to $42,000 in early December, the overall crypto attitude has been pessimistic.

    The macro negative trend looks to be reflected in the U.K.’s crypto behavior. In the run-up to the new year, some selling and portfolio rebalancing occurred. Bitcoin ownership fell; Solana (SOL) increased to 15% ownership; and Dogecoin (DOGE) increased by 1%.

    Surprisingly, Bitcoin ownership has declined globally. From October to December, only one country experienced an increase in its percentage of Bitcoin ownership, with Australia’s BTC dominance increasing to 72.7 percent. It was also the country with the greatest proportion of cryptocurrency owners who held Bitcoin globally.

    According to analysis from October of last year, emerging markets continue to be the most promising signs of brisk cryptocurrency adoption. In December, Russia, Colombia, the Philippines, and India ranked first through fifth in terms of crypto ownership increase. More information and statistics are due later this month.

    The United Kingdom, on the other hand, is lagging behind in terms of crypto growth rates, rising by only 1%. While it remains encouraging, the global average for crypto ownership increased by 4.3 percent, placing the United Kingdom in the bottom five of the countries examined.

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