• The US Treasury Sanctions Three More Ethereum Addresses Allegedly Associated with North Korea

  • The US Treasury believes it has discovered new ETH wallet addresses related to North Korea and the Lazarus hacker organization, which was responsible for last month’s Axie Infinity hack on Ronin Network.

    The Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) added three Ethereum wallet addresses to its blacklist on Friday, which are now thought to be associated with the North Korean hacker organization Lazarus. Prior to Friday’s release, there was already one ETH address on the list.

    The Treasury Department also indicated that adding these new wallet addresses to its ‘SDN Listing’ is an attempt to reduce and prevent North Korea from evading US and UN sanctions.

    North Korean assaults in the horizon?

    Several authorities have already accused the country of funding hackers to target crypto ventures like Axie Infinity. According to reports, this is how North Korea supposedly obtained revenue to support its defense efforts.

    According to Chainalysis data, North Korean hackers stole nearly $400 million in cryptocurrencies in 2021. North Korea appears to prefer Ether, with ETH accounting for more than half of its stolen funds.

    However, according to crypto specialist and DeFiance creator Arthur Cheong, who recently warned of coming North Korean attacks, these efforts to exploit and hack projects are just the beginning. Cheong claims that in their efforts to target crypto projects, these hackers have developed advanced ways. He listed BlueNorOff as one of the top cybercrime outfits supported by North Korea in his Twitter thread.

    With global tensions rising and the threat of utilizing cryptocurrency to avoid sanctions, the United States and its allies have increased their operations against cybercrime organizations.

    OFAC sanctioned the crypto exchange Garantex and the Russian darknet marketplace Hydra a few weeks ago. Germany has also indicated that it will be shutting down Hydra servers within the nation.

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