• The Virtual Gallery of Zaha Hadid Architects delves into NFTs and the Metaverse

  • Zaha Hadid Architects recently presented a ground-breaking concept at Art Basel Miami. The project can be described as a metaverse fusion of architecture and social interaction.

    Surprisingly, the spatial designs for the gallery are based on futuristic interaction technologies combined with MMOs (massively multiplayer online game)

    Zaha Hadid’s Gallery: What makes this project unique.

    In its metaverse world, the interactive gallery provides users with a human-to-human experience. Essentially, the project makes use of cyberspace, video game technologies, and a large number of clouds. As a result, the project is both interactive and one-of-a-kind. Furthermore, it is accessible via a variety of devices.

    In general, cyberspace is a vast network of interconnected digital technologies. And Zaha Hadid cleverly used the metaverse’s cyberspace application to create this spatial web experience.

    It undoubtedly left Art Basel attendees in awe, just as it did us.

    From this page, anyone can access the virtual gallery. While exploring, we came across many architectural designs such as the ‘Z-boat,’ the ‘Z-Car One,’ a sculptural bench table called ‘Belu,’ and a stool called ‘Orchis.’ Kenny Schachter, an actor, also commissioned these designs.

    According to its tagline, NFTism intends to build a global community in which people can participate and benefit from the metaverse in a variety of ways.

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