• The Wallester NFT Investment, a Visa partner, follows suit

  • Wallester, Visa’s Estonian credit card partner, has entered the NFT space with a purchase of 33 Tokens from the Astro Frens collection. According to reports, the purchase cost $3.05 ETH, or about $10,000. Perhaps they became aware of the scene as a result of their partnership with Visa, who purchased a Cryptopunk #7610 for $150,000 during the August bull-run.

    The Wallester NFT Investment is about the Wallester NFT Investment.

    The company stated that it backed up its global partner Visa’s foray into the NFT market. They even bought the Astro Frens collection, which consists of 10,000 bulls. They bought 33 tokens worth around $10,000, according to reports. However, the project’s current floor price is 0.068 ETH ($224).

    “As a young company, we want to support projects that are just as young and promising,” Wallester representatives said of the NFT investment. We adore the Astro Frens collection, and we have no doubt that NFT and cryptocurrency are the way of the future. We would be happy to offer you personalized branded payment card solutions if you are also promoting crypto- and NFT-products.”

    Mainstream Investments in the Future

    Wallester’s NFT investment is obviously not the first in the mainstream markets. Many companies have recently jumped on the NFT trend, with some creating their own and others simply investing. From Coca-Cola to Visa, TikTok to the Chicago Bulls, NFTs have finally proven their worth. Even well-known figures such as Logan Paul, Floyd Mayweather, Jay-Z, and Snoop Dogg have invested in NFTs.

    The influence and capital that mainstream companies bring to the space will be beneficial. Essentially, it makes NFT technology appear more approachable while potentially expanding the audience. To be clear, the demand for NFTs continues to grow. Even after the September drop, there is still a demand for NFTs. In fact, this Wallester NFT investment only serves to demonstrate the space’s enormous potential.

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