• The Wild Pack Beverage Company has said “yes” to cryptocurrency payments

  • Wild Pack Beverage Inc. is the latest company to accept bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments for goods and services.

    The Crypto Payment World is Getting Closer to Reality, Thanks to Wild Pack.

    This has recently become a growing trend. Without a doubt, the cryptocurrency space is becoming much stronger and moving deeper into mainstream territory as more people see the asset space as not only valid, but also necessary. However, things did not begin in this manner.

    Bitcoin and its digital counterparts were initially designed to push things like checks, fiat currencies, and credit cards to the sidelines. Bitcoin and many other altcoins were designed to be payment tools, but due to their volatility and consistent price swings, these assets have struggled.

    These currencies are known for their ability to jump up and down faster than a rabbit. They’re up one minute and down the next. This makes them difficult to manage for stores and retailers, who have been hesitant to accept digital currencies as payment methods up to this point, and to some extent, we can’t really blame them.

    Assume you walk into a store and buy $50 worth of merchandise with bitcoin. For whatever reason, the store decides not to cash out right away, and 24 hours pass without that BTC being transferred to fiat. The next day, the price of bitcoin falls, and the $50 you paid is reduced to $40. The store has lost about ten dollars in profit, but you still get to keep the items you bought. Is that a reasonable scenario? Many retailers disagree, which is why so many have refused to accept cryptocurrency payments.

    But Wild Pack is just the latest company hoping to put a stop to the anti-crypto sentiment that seems to pervade so many modern businesses. With bitcoin and so many other cryptocurrencies designed to be payment methods, it appears that these assets are being given a fighting chance once more.

    Wild Pack has announced the acceptance of bitcoin and other digital currencies for its beverage manufacturing and co-packing services. Furthermore, the company plans to integrate its own wallet system to help customers who want to make regular crypto purchases. The wallet will be integrated into the company’s invoicing software, ensuring that all orders are secure and unaffected by outside influences.

    Allowing for Fintech Development

    Wild Pack’s chief operating officer, Chuck Zadlo, explained:

    Wild Pack is committed to implementing customer-centric solutions, and fintech adoption is required to meet ongoing customer demands for usability… Bitcoin and cryptocurrency use cases are expanding, and their acceptance as a payment method is here to stay.

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