• TheFloorNFT Releases New Artistic Collectibles on the Ethereum Blockchain

  • TheFloorNFT is a new collection of hand-drawn, non-PFP (Profile Picture) artistic collectibles on the Ethereum Blockchain, created with love by DAHR in his appealing cartoonish art style. It was revealed that only 7777 provably rare artworks were created from 150 traits/attributes in order to create the first-ever NFT condo community.

    TheFloorNFT Launches New Artistic Collectibles on the Ethereum Blockchain

    TheFloorNFT was born from the desire to give back to the world, which the NFT community provided to the project’s founders in the form of a charity-based project.

    Furthermore, it should be noted that the Floor NFT attempts to capture the chasm between different classes and environments in society, and in some of the images, you can see a toxic smoggy background with dilapidated buildings ranging from slums to wrecks.

    On the other hand, the NFTs will have perfect sunny backgrounds with luxurious penthouses in the foreground with diamonds and gold plated walls.

    Given the project’s charitable roots, the Floor NFT has set aside $77,777 to be donated to a community-voted charity that combats poverty in society upon the project’s successful completion.

    More Information on the Sale

    It should be emphasized that the Floor NFT journey does not end with a successful sell-out at the mint; rather, the emphasis is on continuing to build the community that will be involved in every aspect of the project.

    The Floor NFT Mint will begin with a Presale on Wednesday, October 20th, open to collaborator projects as well as whitelist members. In addition, a special presale for Early Adopters will be held on October 21, Thursday.

    Talking about the price of both presales, which will be.07 ETH, and more information about the same is available on the Floor NFT Discord server.

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