• These Whales have purchased 170.5 billion SHIB in the last two days

  • While Shib hasn’t seen any significant price increases in recent months, large Ethereum whales continue to buy it, profiting from tiny increases in the exchange rate.

    As a result, whales have spent about $4 million on this canine token in the last two days.

    These big investors purchased 175 billion SHIB.

    The WhaleStats data portal, which records the largest wallets on various chains, including Ethereum and BNB Chain, has revealed the specifics of two significant Shiba Inu meme token purchases made earlier today and on April 27.

    Both transactions were carried out by the owner of the “BlueWhale0073” wallet, which had 70 billion SHIB in it yesterday and a total of 100,469,653,862 Shiba earlier today. These crypto quantities have currency equivalents of $1,619,800 and $2,329,891, respectively.

    FTT’s top holding position is reclaimed by SHIB.

    According to the WhaleStats website, Shiba Inu has recently reclaimed the rank as the largest holding among Ethereum investors. Previously, the token had been beaten by FTX Token (FTT), its regular challenger for this prestigious position.

    Currently, SHIB is the whales’ greatest crypto holding in terms of USD value, MATIC is the most generally owned token, and UMA is the most traded.

    Whales hold 46,163,625,767,697 Shiba tokens worth $1,075,689,905 in SHIB, accounting for 18.38 percent of their whole portfolio.

    At the time of writing, the ETH whales controlled 24,493,640 FTT coins, worth little less than a billion USD.

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