• This Louis Vuitton NFT Game has been downloaded by over 2 million people

  • The Louis Vuitton NFT game, which debuted last year, has now surpassed two million total downloads. Louis: The Game marks the 200th anniversary of the world’s most famous luxury fashion brand.

    Furthermore, the game is growing, and the most recent version includes new locations and celebrity NFTs.

    What is the Louis Vuitton NFT game?

    You assist the avatar character ‘Vivienne’ on her quest in this amazing NFT virtual world, where you search for and collect exclusive NFT postcards. You travel through beautiful locations inspired by real-life fashion capitals such as London and Paris.

    The game contains a large number of levels. In the second, you must collect 200 candles that represent each year the company has been in business as well as its historical significance in the fashion world.

    If you reach a certain level in the Louis Vuitton NFT game, you will be entered into a special raffle. Most importantly, this will allow new participants to participate. This raffle will be held until the end of August.

    The most recent update to the NFT game adds two new locations, challenges, and ten new Vivienne NFTs in a variety of styles.

    These ten new NFTs include artwork by some of the most important and influential NFT artists. Works by Wenew Labs and Mike Winkelmann, better known as Beeple – arguably the most well-known NFT artist – are included.

    Those interested in playing the Louis Vuitton NFT game can do so on both Apple and Android devices.

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