• This Tech Company Trades Sweat For Crypto And NFTs In The Fitness Metaverse

  • OliveX wants you to make money while you’re burning. As they flee marauding pirates and monsters across a dystopian wasteland, the Hong Kong-based digital fitness firm awards players with bitcoin and NFTs.

    Working out can benefit both your waistline and your bottom line. That is the offer OliveX makes to users of its mobile blockchain games.

    DOSE tokens and NFTs can be earned by completing missions in OliveX’s adventure game that require participants to run varied lengths in the real world while holding their cellphones. The virtual awards players earn can be used to level up in games or traded on cryptocurrency exchanges and NFT marketplaces.

    “Move-to-earn is a game changer,” Keith Rumjahn, the 37-year-old founder and CEO of OliveX, said in a video interview. “For the first time ever, players have true digital ownership of their games, and game developers also earn more because there’s no middleman. So it’s a win-win.”

    OliveX claims that its model allows them to access into three thriving industries by mixing physical training with mobile video games that use blockchain technology. Longer term, the company’s goal is to create an ecosystem of fitness games that are integrated with Animoca Marketers’ metaverse title the Sandbox, a virtual world where players can build, purchase, and sell their in-game assets while interacting with other users and brands.

    Rumjahn’s plan appears to be well-timed, since NFTs continue to garner a rising mainstream audience. His Australia-listed firm received A$8 million ($5.7 million) in November through a share placement, which was used to produce Dustland Runner, the company’s first move-to-earn blockchain title, which was released in late March. Players take on the role of “dust runners,” freelancers hired to gather and then deliver unknown cargo in a post-apocalyptic desert teeming with bandits and creatures.

    Dustland Runner is based on an earlier smartphone game called Zombies, Run!, which has an estimated 300,000 active players each month, with approximately 50,000 of them being paid members. Six to Start, a London-based game company, created Zombies, Run!, which was acquired by OliveX for $9.5 million in March 2021.

    OliveX is now using a newly purchased product design from fitness gaming platform Sol Cycle to launch its next release, Dustland Rider. Cycling replaces running in the blockchain game, which could be released as early as June. Following that, the company intends to add new sports, such as boxing and rowing, as well as starting integrating motion detection technologies in games.

    “Our mission is to onboard a billion people,” Rumjahn said. “In doing so, I want them to earn their first NFT and crypto token through exercising.”

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