• Thomas Peterffy, a billionaire, admits to investing in cryptocurrencies

  • Interactive Brokers’ Founder and Chairman, Thomas Peterffy, admitted that he had purchased some bitcoins for himself. Furthermore, the billionaire noted that his company’s clientele has been displaying an increasing need for digital asset services.

    ‘You Have to Play The Odds,’ says the narrator.

    Thomas Peterffy, a Hungarian-born businessman, admits to investing in cryptocurrency during an interview. Despite his reservations about the asset class’s long-term prospects, he acknowledged that it has the potential to become a worldwide dominating currency:

    “Even I have invested a tiny amount of money into crypto because, while I believe this will not be a viable industry, I believe there is a small chance that this could become a dominant currency, so you have to play the odds.”

    Peterffy’s remarks were a shift in his position, as he had previously stated that Bitcoin should be kept out of the “real economy.” On the other side, the billionaire, who is regarded as the “father of high-speed trading,” believes that cryptocurrencies are a good idea, but only if governments and officials allow unfettered commerce and use.

    Customers of Interactive Brokers are becoming increasingly interested in the asset class, according to the top executive, who did not identify which virtual currency or currencies he holds. The company wants to provide such trading options:

    “A few of our clients have indicated an interest. And I’m completely aware of the situation.”

    Crypto Trading to be Accepted by Interactive Brokers

    Interactive Brokers, one of the most well-known brokerage firms, will begin offering cryptocurrency trading services to its clients by the end of the summer.

    With more than three million deals every day, Thomas Peterffy argued that the firm must provide optimum protection for its clients while dealing with virtual assets:

    “When it comes to challenges, the biggest one is ensuring that your customers are completely safe. How can you be absolutely certain that no one will steal their coins, even though they are untraceable? When we open for business at the end of the summer, we’ll learn more about this.”

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