• Thousands of MANA Tokens are being given away in a Decentraland game

  • YouHodler, a CeFi platform, has entered the Metaverse to organize a three-day Decentraland treasure hunt.

    Decentraland Treasure Hunt Is Unveiled by YouHodler

    Players in Decentraland have a chance to win large in YouHodler’s Metaverse treasure hunt.

    YouHodler, a crypto finance website, unveiled a Metaverse treasure hunt on Wednesday. YouHodler has stated that it will give away $30,000 in MANA tokens.

    The three-day event is being held in Decentraland, where YouHodler has put up three “escape style” chambers loaded with smart activities. Solving the puzzles allows players to win YouHodler NFTs, VIP interest rates, and a daily grand prize of $10,000 in MANA tokens. Each day, one winner will be chosen for the prize.

    Users must first create an account with YouHodler and register to participate in the treasure hunt in order to participate in the event. When the event begins on May 2, registered users will get an email with a secret access code and Decentraland location coordinates. According to the YouHodler website, the contestant who completes the tasks successfully in the shortest amount of time will win the $10,000 grand prize.

    Those who do not win the prize will be able to win YouHodler NFTs and VIP interest rates based on their Twitter participation throughout the event. To commemorate the event, all attendees will get a free Decentraland wearable.

    YouHodler is one of numerous “centralized finance” or “CeFi” platforms that allow users to borrow against their cryptocurrency holdings and earn interest on their assets. YouHodler bills itself as a platform for “active HODLers” who want to do more with their crypto holdings than just hold and trade.

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