• Three Emerging NFT Stars Spotted in a New DappRadar Report

  • The ‘New Dapps Report’ from DappRadar has discovered three massive movers and shakers in the last 30 days of NFT trade.

    ‘Invisible Friends,’ ‘3Landers,’ and ‘Tubby Cats’ are bucking the market’s present decline spectacularly.

    The New Dapps Report found these three incredible collections using sophisticated metrics and analytics. In the previous 30 days, all three have enjoyed meteoric growth, both in social media and in transaction volume, with Invisible Friends surpassing $77 million.

    Invisible Friends

    There’s weathering the storm and then there’s prospering in the storm, which is exactly what Invisible Friends is doing on the Ethereum blockchain.

    Magnus Magnusson, a talented artist and animator, designed this collection, which was minted on February 23rd, and the floor price has increased by approximately 3,020 percent since then. The collection includes 5,000 animated avatars, all of which have been sold out.

    A quick glance at these colourful avatars will reveal why they were so popular. Reviving the traditional rubber-hose animation approach, which was first utilized roughly a century ago, appears to be a stroke of genius.

    Invisible Friends has enthralled the community, with the top selling being a modest 200 ETH — more than half a million dollars! Not bad – especially considering the floor price (beginning point) was about 7 ETH.

    ‘Hats off’ to Invisible Friends for crushing it during a bear market, and they were not alone in their triumphs.


    3Landers, a collection of 10,000 googly-eyed avatars created by Thai artist ‘Pom’ and fashion designer ‘Stubby’ in collaboration with 0x.studio, has also risen in the last 30 days.

    Pom has a distinct cartoon look, and these bizarre avatars have been trading significant amounts of Ethereum — over $57 million in the previous 30 days, with the floor price increasing by 980 percent. What is their key to success?

    For starters, they have credibility — the creators are well-known and well-known for their high-quality NFT collections. Their social media presence is robust, and their beliefs are shared by the community. Their Twitter following has increased by over 160,000 in the last 30 days, demonstrating their current market domination.

    3Landers is a name to keep an eye on on the Ethereum blockchain, as are the Tubby Cats by the Tubby Collective, who have sprung out of nowhere on the NFT international stage.

    Tubby Cats

    Tubby Cats is a collection of 20,000 hand-drawn, beautiful cat NFTs based on 120 different themed palettes.

    They may not have the same social media presence as the previous two collections, but the Tubby Cats collection has reached stratospheric trading volume heights of $31,254,570 in the last 30 days.

    The relationship between social media presence and trade volume continues, as the majority of the Tubby Collective’s 23,000 Twitter followers joined in the previous 30 days, capping off an incredible month for the Tubby Collective.

    Despite their staggering numbers, these three NFT collections have struck a chord amid difficult times.

    They’ve moved, inspired, and motivated, and the makers are undoubtedly popping champagne right now — and rightly so. Success is well-deserved, and we look forward to seeing more resonant NFT collections on the New Dapps Report.

    Reports from DappRadar

    The New Dapps Report is a valuable resource for individuals wishing to invest in NFTs or create their own. It’s all in the numbers, and the study provides a high-level perspective on promising new NFT collections that are generated at random.
    The study is quite extensive, focusing on financial indicators such as sales activity and price analysis, as well as distribution metrics such as Unique Holders Ratio and Whale Concentration Index.

    We’ll be returning soon with more in-depth observations from the fantastic team at DappRadar.

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