• Tim Pool, a journalist and YouTuber, believes that one bitcoin will ‘eventually be equivalent to one million dollars.’

  • Tim Pool, an American journalist, YouTuber, podcast host, and political commentator, has discussed bitcoin on numerous occasions, most recently as the crypto asset reached an all-time high. Pool asked his 897,700 Twitter followers if they thought bitcoin would reach $200K after the Proshares exchange-traded fund (ETF) debuted on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

    Tim Pool ‘feels bad’ for those who dismiss Bitcoin.

    Tim Pool is well-known on various social media platforms for his work as a journalist, show host, and commentator. Pool always has something to say about living in the modern era in order to spark meaningful debate. Pool was a former member of Vice Media, and he also appeared on Fusion TV in 2014. The activist is also well-known for live-streaming recordings of the 2011 Occupy Wall Street protests.

    Pool now hosts a YouTube show and podcast called “Timcast IRL,” in which he discusses topics such as politics, government, finance, specific people making headlines, and a variety of other issues that society faces on a daily basis. Pool’s most recent YouTube video discussed the buckling supply chain that has harmed the American and global economies. Pool has a large following because he adheres to objectivity in his reporting, which the public accuses mainstream media of abandoning.

    Pool is also a supporter of the most popular cryptocurrency, bitcoin (BTC), and has mentioned it on several occasions. In October of last year, Pool discussed bitcoin alongside the ‘Great Reset’ topic. As bitcoin smashed through its previous all-time high set in April, Pool stated on October 20 that he believes a single BTC could be worth a million dollars. “People are still sh**ing on bitcoin, and I feel bad for them,” Pool wrote on Twitter. “A local out here told me he just became a millionaire from an investment he made several years ago and then forgot about.” The well-known YouTuber added:

    It’s the emergence of a new financial technology, and I believe 1 BTC will eventually be worth $1 million.

    Cryptocurrency, according to a YouTube host, is a “positive force.”

    Pool’s show featured author Matt Palumbo on September 21, and the Youtuber discussed cryptocurrencies extensively. The video’s title is “Cryptocurrency Is a Positive Force as the Establishment Loses Control, but They’ll Try to Control It.” Pool discusses how Max Keiser tried to persuade him to buy bitcoin in the early days, but he passed away at the time. Pool also revealed some of his crypto assets, which include dogecoin (DOGE), bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), and cardano (ADA).

    Pool had previously discussed the topic in another Timcast IRL video titled “Tim Gets Animated About Bitcoin, Insists It’s Good For Many Things And Allows Greater Freedom.” During a conversation with Will Chamberlain, co-publisher of Human Events, Pool emphasized that BTC is “used to store value outside of the Fed.” Pool stated in 2018 that “crypto can save free speech,” arguing that digital assets can circumvent third parties who engage in financial censorship.

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