• Tinder, a dating app, has expressed interest in NFTs and female artists

  • Tinder sent out a subtle tweet yesterday signaling its interest in NFTs as well as female artists. ‘Which female artists and makers should we be following in the NFT space?’ said the tweet. Make of that what you will, but I believe they have something up their sleeves.

    Many Twitter users have replied by identifying female musicians they believe are Tinder-worthy. Furthermore, some female artists have contributed their own profiles, artwork, and brief descriptions of themselves. The thread now contains a plethora of incredible profiles and artwork, ready for anything Tinder has in store.

    In any case, this is a fantastic opportunity to showcase female NFT artists. According to ArtTactic study, women account for only 16% of the NFT market. Having their artwork displayed in a strong, multinational community is a beautiful thing in and of itself.

    Dating x NFT

    To say the least, NFT-related dating applications are not new. Bumble announced ambitions to include Web3 technologies into Bumble BFF last year. Users will eventually get a fresh experience on their platform as a result of this.

    Aside from that, the Bored Ape Yacht Club revealed plans for a new dating app. The Lonely Ape Dating Club functions similarly to other dating apps, however it is primarily for NFT owners. To fully exploit the app’s functions, users can connect their crypto wallets.

    Users may basically screen potential matches based on their net worth and the number of NFTs they own. Surprisingly, this frees up space for their new feature, Coin Digger. This feature enables other users to connect with high-net-worth individuals in the NFT area.

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