• Tornado Cash, a decentralized mixer, has made its user interface open-source

  • Tornado Cash Classic’s user interface (UI) will be completely open-sourced, according to the Tornado Cash community. This means that any public contributor who wants to improve the design may simply inspect the code and submit pull requests via GitHub. This decision is consistent with the community’s efforts to encourage decentralization, openness, and security.

    Tornado Cash: What is it and how does it work?

    Tornado Cash is a decentralized mixer system that allows for private Ethereum transactions. Mixers are smart contracts that accept, pool, and mix cryptocurrency from different senders to improve anonymity by hiding any audit traces. Users contribute ether to the Tornado Cash smart contract, then withdraw it and send it to a new public address that is unrelated to the original address.

    Why is it necessary to concentrate on user interface?

    The Tornado Cash community is intimately acquainted with UI flaws. In February 2020, a developer identified a flaw that exposed sensitive user information when a user selected the interface’s “share” button. The issue was soon fixed, and no money was lost. This is an excellent illustration of how open-source projects benefit from having numerous eyes on a product, making it easier to identify and correct flaws. Because smart contracts are irreversible, wallets and mixers like Tornado Cash must make sending and receiving funds safe and straightforward for inexperienced users.

    Tornado Cash stressed in its release, “We personally grew fond of the protocol’s black and green floating astronaut.” However, you should be aware of our guiding principle: we will always favor greater decentralization.”

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