• Trace Network Labs Introduces the World’s First Craft Beer NFT

  • Trace Network Labs collaborated with 7 Bridges Brewing Company of Vietnam to create the world’s first Craft Beer NFT. This strategic alliance advances the protocol’s vision of enabling the next generation of Luxury-Lifestyle in the Metaverse powered by NFTs and Digital Fashion.

    Trace Network Labs’ goal is to make NFTs a necessary component of virtual experiences by allowing users to own them as digital wearables. To accomplish this, the company established Bling Marketplace, a portal for brands and customers to carry their lifestyles into any metaverse. The Polygon-based platform sells one-of-a-kind, limited-edition luxury and lifestyle items.

    The World’s First Craft Beer NFT = Trace Network Labs + 7 Bridges Brewing Company

    The collaboration with 7 Bridges Brewing Company is Trace Network Labs’ first attempt to bring its vision to life. The partners are working together to bring a one-of-a-kind digital lifestyle product to the Metaverse.

    The Vietnamese Craft is an advocate for impact brewing. It is part of the company’s social and environmental mission to build Asia’s first zero-waste commercial craft brewery. Using this method, the beer maker is launching the NFT Series: iNFTy craft beer. To ensure uniqueness, 7 Bridges brewed the beer using a special limited edition recipe that was literally burned.

    For this NFT Series, the partners created 99 digital works of art. To begin, each NFT artwork is numbered, one-of-a-kind, and captures the deeper meanings of its numeral, drawing on science, history, pop culture, and mysticism. It was then paired with a 3D object artwork that was backed by its reverse avatar, a cellared physical incarnation of the original artwork. This means that the brewer will store the bottles in optimal conditions until the next Leap Year, Feb. 29, 2024, which the highest NFT bidders can physically claim.

    Meanwhile, only 110 physical bottles, 99 NFTs, and 11 “Brewer’s Reserve” editions will ever be produced. The company will release 99 of the 500 ml bottles in a series of NFT auctions held on Bling over a short period of time, counting down from 99 to 1. Users can bid as many times as they want in the global auction on the Bling NFT Marketplace. These NFTs will be transferable and tradable in the same way that any other ERC token is.

    Why is “Lifestyle” the next Metaverse Trend?

    The Craft Beer NFT Project is part of Trace Network Labs’ recent Metaverse expansion. It validates the company’s “Lifestyle for the Metaverse” Campaign. This is due to the fact that NFTs can enter ANY metaverse. Owners of these beer NFTs can thus transport their beer bottles into any Metaverse project.

    The NFT offering is game-changing because there is already a thriving NFT avatar market. NFT holders can virtually show off their beverage collection by injecting the element of lifestyle into the Metaverse, much like in the real world.

    Metaverse is gaining traction, as evidenced by the fact that phase one, i.e. owning virtual items, was a huge success. Users have moved on from owning one-of-a-kind digital art or assets. Essentially, the next trend is to move all real-world products into the Metaverse and create a sort of “digital twin.” With this collaboration, Trace Network Labs hopes to establish itself as the top-of-mind gateway for lifestyle brands looking to establish a Metaverse presence.

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