• Transient Network Announces the Launch of its Second DApp CryptoPool to Enter the Price Prediction Market

  • Following the successful introduction of TSC-Core in November, Transient Network, a Smart Contract Global Marketplace, has launched its second DApp CryptoPool on the Binance Smart Chain. CryptoPool will soon be available on the Ethereum and HECO Chain networks.

    The new DApp allows users to form their own pools for crypto price forecasts and share the profits. The Creator has the authority to set the expiration date and entrance costs for a pool. Entrants may select to make price predictions in a pool whose expiry time, fee amount, and possible rewards appear to them to be reasonable.

    Entrants enter a pool and, if their prediction is true, they must partake in the prize pool. The DApp is applicable in both bull and bear markets because contestants only need to be correct on the price in either direction to earn the reward.

    “Those who have been around cryptocurrency for a while – or even if you’re new – know that price is a hot topic. Whether we’re in a bull or bear cycle, with CryptoPool you can add some excitement to the conversation you’re having on social media and utilize your research to participate in some community-driven price prediction pools!” said Transient Network CEO Beau Olson.

    CryptoPool depends on self-executing, no-code smart contracts to make the entire process transparent and avoid any obstacles in the revenue distribution process. Users can form peer-to-peer pools and try to predict a coin’s price in the future without any coding knowledge. Initially, users will be able to experiment with top BSC and Ethereum coins. More tokens will be added to Transient Network in the future. What new coins are added to the platform will be decided by the community.

    The DApp maintains the same straightforward and user-friendly interface found throughout the Transient ecosystem. The pools give as much transparency and decentralization as feasible.

    Transient is constructing the “Amazon of Smart Contracts,” a worldwide marketplace of decentralized applications (DApps) aimed to assist non-coders in creating self-enforcing and self-executing smart contracts for certain use cases and industries. Its DApps may be developed on many chains with ease because it is a blockchain-agnostic and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible platform.

    Transient has two other DApps nearing mainnet deployment, in addition to TSC-Core and CryptoPool:

    Esports: Creates an ecosystem of peer-to-peer market development for your favorite Esports contests and many more services, elevating social betting and content-driven experiences to new heights.

    NDA: Allows users to construct smart contracts that make working with clients and partners easier. Transient’s legal consultants make certain that the contracts are legally sound.

    Concerning Transient

    Transient is a decentralized ecosystem that enables non-coders to establish and maintain Next-Gen contracts in the digital realm. Its Smart Contract Global Marketplace is designed from the ground up to accelerate blockchain adoption across all industries and walks of life by hosting and permitting the rapid production and distribution of a diverse set of self-enforcing and self-executing smart contracts.

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