• Trey Songz Mystery Boxes are quickly selling out on Binance NFT

  • Trey Songz, a well-known RNB artist, has released his first NFTs in collaboration with Melos.Studio and Binance Mystery Box.

    On August 31, Trey Songz Mystery Boxes were released on Binance NFT mystery box, and they sold out in less than a day.

    Trey Songz, an award-winning artist, has released the first collection of music NFTs from Melos.Studio. Songz has sold over 25 million albums and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. He’s clearly an exciting Melos.Studios debut. Melos is a new decentralized music platform based on Web 3.0, which includes blockchain and NFTs. They want to use new technologies to expand their NFT music ecosystem and redefine the relationship between artists and their fans.

    What exactly are Trey Songz’s Mystery Boxes?

    All of the Trey Songz NFTs are part of Binance’s Mystery Boxes, which means that the actual NFT is not revealed to the owner until after the transaction is completed. Trey Songz Mysterbox NFTs include his most recent song release as well as Trey’s real-life experiences.

    Each of the 50,500 NFTs is worth 28 BUSD, and each user is limited to 50 purchases. Buyers can earn various benefits based on the NFTs they receive at random. Some of these perks are related to Melos.Studios’ “ROCK MUST DIE” game. Users can gain energy and mining power in the game based on the rarity of the NFT, for example.

    Six NFTs, or six of Songz’s new songs, are classified as “Normal.” These Trey Song Mystery Box NFTs are the least common and provide the least exciting rewards. The “Rare” tier contains four NFTs, whereas the “Super Rare” tier contains only two songs. While each of these tiers has a few thousands of each NFT, the rarest tier, “Super Super Rare,” has only 30 available. This includes not only Melos.Studios game perks, but also the chance to co-create with Songz.

    This co-creation opportunity is one of four lucky draws that will take place over the next four weeks. A $100,000 cash prize, a zoom call with Songz, and an autographed NFT are among the other prizes up for grabs. To be eligible for one of these exclusive prizes, users must have a certain number of different rarity-type NFTs.

    NFTs on Binance are exploding.

    Those interested in future mystery boxes should visit Binance’s website and sign up. Binance is thriving in the NFT market, having recently partnered with The State Hermitage Museum on a new NFT project. Working with the world’s largest museum is clearly something to be proud of. It’s exciting to see what Binance has in store for the NFT world next, from Trey Songz Mystery Box NFTs to working with the Hermitage.

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